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How Simultaneous Calling Works in Call Flows (Dial Applet)
How Simultaneous Calling Works in Call Flows (Dial Applet)

Within the Dial Applet - Learn how to ring all members of a Team at the same time

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Many businesses that receive incoming calls from Prospects or Clients want those calls answered as quickly as possible to avoid voicemail/callbacks.

Avoiding phone tag and responding quickly improves customer experience and loyalty.

This is where using Teams + Simultaneous Ring in your Call Flows can be incredibly helpful.

Teams are often assembled based on functional expertise, such as a team for Sales, Customer Support, Billing, and so on. When an incoming call is routed to the team and Simultaneous Call is selected, everyone on the team will have their smrtPhone account ring, on all devices/platforms that they are set as available/active.

Whoever answers first handles the call. This way, the caller reaches the first available person as quickly as possible and does not have to go through several rings as the Dial Applet tries the team members in order.

Call Forwarding will work in the same way: all numbers added to the Dial one or multiple numbers field will be attempted at the same time.

Set Up Simultaneous Ring

Using the Dial Applet from your Flow Editor, smrtPhone gives you the option to call a team of people simultaneously or sequentially. This option can be toggled on or off via Simultaneous Calling.

Enable Simultaneous Calling

If you enable this option, all members within the team that you selected in the Dial box will be called at the same time, on all smrtPhone platforms where they are set available (Web App/browser, Mobile App, and/or Chrome Extension.)

You also have the option to call multiple (external, non-smrtPhone) phone numbers at the same time by adding the phone numbers in the Dial one or multiple numbers field. This option is Call Forwarding. It is important that each call forwarding phone number is placed on a separate line for this feature to function properly.

Simultaneous Calling works through the Web Application, Chrome Extension, or Mobile App. Wherever your User is marked as available, it will ring.

Disable Simultaneous Calling

If you choose to disable the Simultaneous Call option, the system will call all members of the team, but based on the order they appear within the team (in your Users section of your Admin Menu.)

As soon as the first user misses a call it will move to the next user in the team. You can alter the order of team members in the Users & Teams section of the Admin panel.

The same principle applies to the numbers added in the Dial Phone Number box: The system will call each number sequentially according to the order of the number in the box.

Please keep in mind that this feature does not work with physical VoIP phones.

Reminder: Simultaneous Calls add applicable extra costs as the system is making multiple calls at the same time.

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