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Here are instructions on how to configure a new smrtDialer Campaign using a list pulled from Podio.

🔥 Tip: When setting up campaigns, we recommend making them as specific as possible. Split different lists into different campaigns, so you can track performance of the lists.

Start by pressing the green ➕ New Campaign button inside the smrtDialer Campaign menu.

The Campaign Configuration Screen

The Campaign Configuration screen will open, giving you the option to name your campaign. You can also add a short description (this is optional).

In the Call Engine section of the screen you can select: 

  • Your Caller ID - the number or pool of numbers that you will use to call your leads

  • The Number of Lines - If you have multi-line dialing, you can choose how many leads to call at the same time (1 to 4.)

  • Phone Number Depth - how many phone numbers do you have per lead, up to 10. It will depend on the type of campaign (e.g. initial calls or followups) how many you select.

  • Voicemail Recording - the standard recording you'll leave if a lead's voicemail answers

  • The Callback Recording - the message that will play to the second call if two calls connect at the same time, indicating that you'll call them back.

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Once you have finished setting up your campaign basics, you can proceed to the second step by pressing the green button.

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✅ Note: If you are a Salesforce user, we have a complete collection dedicated to you here: Salesforce Guides - where you can find all this information adapted for your CRM.

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