The smrtLeads app was a vital part of the old smrtDialer build however, with smrtDialer 2.0 you no longer need a predetermined leads app as you can select any existing app from your Podio Workspace. 

In smrtDialer 2.0 you are able to filter the items in any app by a category field. All you need to do in order to update your existing smrtLeads app for use with smrtDialer 2.0 is to modify the exiting app template by adding a category field. 

In my case I will simply add a category field and I will name it Campaign.

Every-time you want to add a new campaign, all you need to do is to add a new option in the category field and to name it with the name of your Campaign. 

When uploading data in the app, please make sure that your list column and cells resemble your campaign name from smrtLeads. 

After the import was finished, we can start creating our smrtDialer Campaign. For this example I only want to call my leads from the Test Campaign. I can chose the smrtLeads app and then filter the leads by the "Campaign" app and select the "Test" option. This will ensure that only the items that are in this app with the "Campaign" field set to "Test" are included in my smrtDialer campaign.

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