Why You Should Create a Cold Calling App

Step one in setting up your smrtDialer is preparing a Cold Calling app in Podio.

  • Keep database organized, separating cold and warm leads

  • Make it easier to focus on and follow up with warm / converted leads

We recommend you create a Cold Calling App and connect it to your smrtDialer. Setup your smrtDialer campaigns to have a "converted" call disposition. Use Globiflow/ Citrix Podio Workflow automation to make Podio send those converted leads to wherever it makes sense - your Contacts App or an entirely separate app - for focused follow up.

Using the genius of Podio to automatically push warm leads to a new spot keeps your databases clean and uncluttered with bad data or unworkable leads.

How to create a Cold Calling App

When you install smrtDialer, we automatically install a smrtLeads app and a Call Script app. You can then create Cold Calling List Apps. The setup is important to make sure you're tracking the right things in the right way.

Follow along with the video above and the checklists below to make sure you have your Cold Calling Apps configured for success.

Customize Your Cold Calling List Apps - Understanding and Customizing Each Section.

Link to Campaign

  • Link to the proper campaign upon upload

  • Helps with campaign performance tracking and understanding success metrics

Segment Your Leads

  • Make large lead lists more manageable

  • You have options how to split it up: by call list, by agent, or by address/location

Lead Data

  • This is the information that your list holds

  • Typically includes demographic information such as name, email, address, phone, property, and maybe even more specific information.

  • You can add fields, as needed, to capture all of the important data from your list

  • The most critical field is to make sure you have one, unified phone field where you will map all of the phone numbers for the lead. (Do not create separate fields for each phone number!)

Process Management

  • Track smrtDialer dispositions

  • Track lead status

  • Manage the push of a cold calling lead to the main system. Using GlobiFlow/Citrix Workflow Automation - When a lead is qualified, it will search the contacts app - if the contact exists, it will link it. If it doesn't exist, it will create it. (The same goes for the property address. Exists = link; doesn't exist = create.

  • Duplication identification - for sanity checking to make sure your database remains as clean as possible.

KPI Tracking

  • Track important dates to help manage the lead

  • Creation date and converted/closed/dead dates help you to know what is still open and how long it has been open.

  • How many communications have been logged to this specific app

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