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This step is optional, but it's something we recommend.

Creating a dedicated Campaigns App.

Target Goals

Enter the metrics of success and what you hope to achieve for the campaign. These will be estimates, but it's helpful to have goals

  • Leads generated

  • Leads converted

  • Net profit

Actual Activity

Enter the information that will help you track campaign success and can be considered costs or revenue. These can include:

  • Marketing spend including campaign costs, list costs

  • Agent performance

  • Deal KPIs including offers made, offers accepted


Bringing together costs and revenue will help determine the spend per lead and total return on investment. You can use calculation fields to summarize.

Search ID

This is an important field to track each campaign - creating an identification field. We use GlobiFlow (Podio Workflow Automation) to create it, but you can do anything that works for you, as long as each campaign has a unique identifier.

>> This allows you to search the system on upload or when automations happen and also will factor in when we are managing Excel uploads.

Marketing Data

Another bit of information that our clients find helpful is to include campaign descriptive information that will help generate insights into what kinds of campaigns are most successful.

Examples include:

  • Type of campaign (e.g. postcard campaign follow up)

  • smrtPhone tracking number association

For the purpose of cold calling, the key to this step is that we create a campaign for the list we're uploading and we use a unique search ID to help with tracking. This search ID can link everything together as we qualify our cold calling lists.

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