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A critical step to maximizing your smrtDialer use is to learn how to prepare your Excel for upload into Podio. This is an area in which it can be easy to make errors, but there are huge benefits to getting your list properly formatted and ready to go before upload.

Add Additional Useful Columns

Most lists come with basic information such as first name, last name, email addresses, property addresses, and phone numbers.

We add extra fields related to the cold calling app, as well as fields that will be useful for tracking.

  • Full name

  • Call list

  • Lead status & Date

  • Campaign Search ID

Full Name

For most lists, you'll need to create a combined field that has both the first name and the last name pulled from other columns. This is how leads are handled in the

Excel Tip: To get a full name, you can create a column and enter the Excel formula "=[first name cell]& " " & [last name cell]". Doing it this way creates space in between the values, when they are combined into one cell. In our video example, the formula looks like =E2& " " & F2.

Once you have the full name formula in one cell, you can drag it down to populate the entire column.

Call List

This field relates back to the Cold Calling App, where you have the option to assign leads to specific call lists. The purpose of this is to create more manageable lengths of lists, allow the lists to be segmented, and to facilitate the assignment of the list to your agents.

Lead Status & Date

The Lead Status field makes it easier to work with automations. We start with the status as "waiting" and then the creation date should be populated with the current upload date.

Excel Tip: If you want to populate an entire column with the same information as a single cell, but don't want to drag for tens of thousands of records, follow these instructions: Highlight the cell that has the information you want to copy - whether it's a value or a formula. Then, double-click on the green box in the lower right corner of the highlight. It will automatically copy the information from that field all the way down to whatever is the last populated row.

Campaign Search ID

This was created in Step 2 of smrtDialer best practices. Each Campaign needs a unique identified, so performance can be properly tracked. Flip to your Campaigns App and copy over that number for this Excel sheet, and then copy it down the entire column.

Ensure Phone Numbers are Identified in Separate Columns

It is likely that a lot of the records on your list will have multiple phone numbers. It's important that each type of phone number is in its own column. We've seen it where the phone type is in one column and then the number is in the next, alternative type / number / type / number. That is not going to work well.

Remove any extraneous columns identifying what type of number it is, and label the column with that type. Some of your records will have empty fields (not all records will have all types) and that's okay.

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