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Now it's time to upload the spreadsheet that we prepared in Step 3 to Podio.

Reminder: There is a hard limit in Podio of 500,000 items per app. (Our preference is to keep it below 300-400k, depending on what you need to do.) This is why we have multiple Calling Apps.

1️⃣ Select the Calling App you want to use, and then click on the wrench icon 🔧 at the top and select Excel Import under the data section.

2️⃣ Either upload or drop your file.

3️⃣ Map the columns against the App fields.

Basic demographics

It's easy to knock out the basic demographic information. Pull the column name from the left and match it against its pair.

  • Call list

  • Full Name

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Property Address

  • Mailing Address

  • County

  • Owner Occupied

  • Credit Score Rank

  • Other Information

  • Lead Status

  • Creation date

Phone Number

It's really important to have one, unified phone number field where all of the phone numbers get stored, organized by type. In this single field, you can add as many additional phone number types as you need.

  • Drag over the type

  • Use the dropdown to label the phone number

Campaign App Linking

A tricky thing to pay attention to is linking the list to the Campaigns App. As you may remember from previous steps, The Cold Calling List is one app and the Campaigns App is completely separate - they are connected through a relationship field.

Scroll down to where it says Campaign Item ID, and drag the Campaign Search ID box/Column Name from the left to match next to it. You will notice that the App gives you a warning that "You are adding content into another app linked to Cold Calling List." Once that is linked, you can close that section of the tool.

4️⃣ Verify the mapping

Once all fields are mapped, you can preview the first row.

Scan through to make sure it makes sense, and when it's all correct, click "Next"

5️⃣ Duplication Handling

This is an area that can often trip people up: How do you deal with duplicates and related items?

When the key icon 🔑 is dark, it means it is selected. When it is selected, it means if the system finds an identical match, it will override with the information from this upload. If it remains unselected, duplicates will be allowed.

There are some that are obvious that you don't want to override - for example, Full Name. There may be multiple John Smiths or Joey A's in your list. If you select the key for them, it will override the existing records and you will end up calling fewer leads than you have.

You need to be very careful which ones you turn it on for.

There is a critical one that you DO want to overwrite: Campaign.

Remember, every record in this list has the same campaign number. The last thing we want to do is create Campaign for every single record in the list. Instead, we want to click on (dark) the key icon for the Campaign Item ID.

6️⃣ Finally, we click import.

If it is a long list - there is an upload limit of 20,000 at a time - Podio can take some time. It can take up to a half hour for a 20,000 lead list to load.

Take a look through the Podio records to make sure, one last time, that everything looks good.

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