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If you segment your list, it allows you to create better, more successful campaigns in smrtDialer.

There are two ways to segment lists and make smrtDialer campaigns:

  1. Category field

  2. By View

They are linked/related, but segmenting by View is ultimately more powerful. When you segment by Category, you are creating lists based on one variable. When you do it by View, you can incorporate multiple variables/filters into narrowing your list.

Create a Brand New View

  • Use Podio filtering

  • Select all of the data points you'd like to filter by. (in the video example, it's a specific Campaign and Call List C)

  • Watch the number of records next to the funnel icon (🌪) as a quick gut-check that you have the correct parameters set for the view

  • Save the View with a friendly name in the left hand menu of Podio

Now we have a View that targets exactly the contacts we want to be feeding into our smrtDialer campaign, and it's time to move to the next step.

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