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The next step in the process is to create a smrtDialer Campaign

Things you need to prepare to create a campaign:

  • Voicemail recording

  • Callback recording

  • Segmented list (created in Step 5)

If you need help with your Voicemail and Callback recordings, check out our documentation on the Media Manager.

Opening the New Campaign Template:

  • Select the smrtDialer icon from the left navigation of smrtPhone

  • Click on the submenu "Campaigns"

  • Click the green button in the upper corner that says "+New Campaign"

1. Enter the Campaign information

  • Title - name of campaign

  • Details - optional description

  • Caller ID - which phone number from which you will be making the calls

  • Number of Lines - how many lines you want to call at once (multi-line dialers have the option of up to 4 lines)

  • Phone Number Depth - how many phone numbers you'll call per lead. (For skip tracing, you'll have a lot of numbers per contact and probably want it set to 10. For a warm follow-up, you'll probably only need 2-3 numbers)

  • Voicemail Recording - select from the options in your Media Manager

  • Callback Recording - select from the options in your Media Manager

  • Hold Music

2. Map to Podio

  • Select the Podio Workspace where your Cold Calling App is

  • Find the App where you've uploaded your list

  • Choose what type of Filter (this was decided in Step 5: did you segment by Category or View?)

  • Map the fields that you want the Agent to see while they are on the call. Add any fields you'd like.

  • Click Finish Setup

Once the mapping is done, it should match the number of contacts to the View you created. This is a good opportunity to double check that you have the list length you expect, based on your segmentation.

Now you will be in Campaign Settings

3. Set Status Filters

The Status Filter section of the Call Engine tab will determine what happens when a call disposition is selected during the running of a smrtDialer Campaign. When Skip is selected, it means when that corresponding call disposition is chosen at the end of a call - that contact will now be dropped from the campaign. That smrtDialer campaign will no longer dial that number.

For example: Converted. It makes sense to select Skip for converted because if they have already moved to the next phase, when you run the list again, you don't want to bother that person.

DNC is always selected as "Skip" per FCC regulations (and common sense!)

4. Wrong Number Filter

You can set the wrong number filter settings, and on the left hand side, you can determine if a number is marked "Wrong Number", will it be automatically removed from Podio.

We typically recommend it, because why would you want to hold on to incorrect numbers?

5. Call Scripts

Under the third tab in the Campaign Settings, you will find an option to link a call script from a Podio Webform. For troubleshooting of Call Script linking, check out our documentation.

6. Set Permissions

Here you can determine which Agents can view which campaigns.

For more information on building a campaign check out this additional documentation.

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