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Now you've created a campaign - what happens next?

One of the most powerful things about smrtPhone and smrtDialer is the deep integration with Podio CRM. By selecting certain dispositions from a smrtDialer call, you can trigger automations to ensure all viable leads are handled with the utmost care.

Start the Call Session

  • In the upper right is an button labeled "▶️ New Call Session" - click that button

  • First, it will ask you if you'd like to resync your data. We recommend this if there has been some time that has passed between the loading of the list and/or the last time the campaign was run to make sure any changes in Podio are reflected into the campaign.

  • Then, it gives you an overview - double check that everything looks right.

  • Click the Play button at the top left to unpause dialing

After a Call Connects

  • When the call connects, lead information will populate so the Agent has the data needed to have an informed discussion

  • Call notes can be entered during a live call or immediately once a call completes

  • To finalize the call, select the call disposition.

Automated Updates to Lead Record

Once a call connects, finalizes, and a disposition is selected, automatic updates happen on the lead record.

In the example in the video above, the smrtDialer disposition updated to "Converted" and the Status updated from Waiting to "Qualified and Pushed." There was a duplicate check - and because there was no duplicate, a brand new contact record was created for the lead, pushing them to the Contacts App.

A property duplicate search was also completed. Since no duplicate was found, a property record was created in the Properties App. All of the related data was automatically pushed over, including linking that the Contact is the Primary Seller.

The only activities the Agent did was load a list, talk with someone, and click "converted." On the back end, the automations have: updated the App item, created a contact, created a property, and linked them together. And updated the Campaigns App. The Agent can focus on the calling and talking, and smrtDialer and its deep connection to Podio takes care of the rest!

This is the final article in the smrtDialer best practices series. If you have ideas for additional articles or questions you have, please send us a note and let us know!

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