⚠️Starting July 15, 2021, all users will be migrated to Dialer 2.0.⚠️

Key Differences between the two dialers:

The Dialer 2.0 is a significant upgrade to the smrtPhone experience. Here are five key things that have improved in the new dialer:

  1. Unified Contacts Search - You now have one unified contacts search to search for your CRM Contacts, your smrtPhone Team Members and to manually dial a number.

  2. Recent Calls - You now have the ability to see your recent calls within the dialer. This is particularly useful to be able to see a missed call and quickly call them back.

  3. Call Information - You can now edit the call notes and dispositions directly in the recent calls menu.

  4. Easier Administration Settings - we have streamlined the settings of the new dialer to make it easier for users to adjust their key settings. We have also moved some key administrative settings to the User Management menu.

  5. Call Quality Warnings - If you are on a call and the connection speed or quality is poor, we provide a visual warning.

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