If you are a smrtPhone Pro subscriber, you can do a warm hand-off of a call, where you can introduce the caller you are transferring. And, you can add a caller (or multiple callers) to the call, creating a conference call. (With smrtPhone Standard, only a cold transfer is available.)

Warm transfers work the same for both inbound and outbound calls.

  • Once a call is in progress, you can click the plus icon ➕ to add callers to the call.

  • You can now search for a new contact to add or manually type a number.

  • To return to the original call, click on the green bar a the top of the Dialer window.

  • The original call will be on hold only if you select to hold. It is not automatic.

  • When you have the callers both on the line, you can stay to talk (conference call) or you can exit the call to complete the warm transfer.

This video will demonstrate how Dialer 2.0 streamlines the process:

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