The requirements for A2P 10DLC are being driven by the major U.S. mobile carriers, primarily AT&T and T-Mobile/Sprint. Although there is some agreement over use cases, each carrier has their own timeline and fee structures.

As of April 1st, there is little confirmed in terms of deadlines. We will continue to revisit the stated dates and update this page as information is available.

A2P 10DLC Important Dates:

  • smrtPhone Trust Center goes live: Week of April 18:
  • T-Mobile A2P per-text fees for registered users go live: May 1
  • AT&T A2P per-text flat fees go live: May 1
  • AT&T A2P per-text variable fees go live: TBD
  • Deadline for AT&T A2P registration: TBD (previous date of June 1 has been delayed)

Please note that there is currently no hard deadline for when you must register for A2P 10DLC. You will still be able to send text messages through smrtPhone, no matter what. However, at some point, you will incur higher fees if you are unregistered as well as subject your text messages to potentially heavier filtering, compromising deliverability.

>>Read more about fees associated with A2P 10DLC

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