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Call Script - Webform

When a call connects your smrtDialer page will populate with lead information to facilitate a smooth conversation.

The Call Script that your company would like you to follow to collect important information is down below the basic lead information.

  • Forms are created by Administrator when setting up campaigns

  • Each call script form can be unique for each campaign

  • They guide the conversation as well as collect helpful information for follow up

IMPORTANT: Before you close the call, you must submit the call script form.

You will know the information has been pushed to Podio when you see the completion message, "Webform successfully submitted."

Once you've seen that message, you can add any additional notes for the call, and select the disposition to end the call.

Call Script - Merge Tags

This type of Call Script has the functionality of a guideline for your agents.

You can populate it either with tags from the drop-down menu, or you can just type in your information/requests.

Click on the "Call Script" Tab, and here you have the option to:

  • Format your script

  • Add Lead Fields

After you populated the Call Script with the information you might need while running your Campaign, you can:

  • Save it and use it right on the spot

  • Save it as a "Template" and use it for another Campaign too

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