Signing up for A2P is simple, but it can feel like a hassle from the outside. We understand if some people are hesitant. And, at the moment, the answer to the question "Do I really have to register for A2P?" is: no.


It is strongly recommended that you register to become an authorized sender of business text messages as soon as possible. This measure of safety should not be a scary step for a legitimate business that follows proper texting guidelines.

If you rather not register now for A2P 10 DLC, you will incur higher per messages fees, potentially have your texts marked as "spam," and eventually your messages will be filtered out completely by U.S. mobile carriers.

Moreover, unregistered traffic has the potential to be highly scrutinized for TCPA violations, making you more vulnerable to legal and financial penalties.

Eventually, A2P registration must happen. You will have to register if you want to send business texts to your clients and prospects. A2P10DLC registration brings you one step closer in having a verified, trusted business. So, why waste time?

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