Invite new users to your smrtPhone by email.

To invite users to your smrtPhone account, start in the smrtPhone dashboard. Access your smrtPhone Admin Dashboard > Users > Invite User.

Here, you will choose the Email option, enter the user's email and simply hit the "Invite User" button.

From the pop-up box, you can also give permissions directly from the invitation. The Account Owner or Users with granted permission have the ability to make strategic changes in your smrtPhone account, so be sure you want this option. You can always change their permissions later. Learn more customized permissions >>

Of course, at this step you can decide what permissions will have for the newly added user or customize them later:

After this step, you can click on the invitations tab to check their statuses and also revoke/resend them if needed.

Users Must Accept the Invitation

The next step is up to your User to accept the invitation and finalize the creation of their account.

The User you just invited will receive an email with the invitation on the provided email address and from there they will be redirected to set up the account.

Invitations will expire after 2 days.

And now, the Account Activation!

The user will press the "Activate Account" button and start completing the fields to set up their account.

These are your new smrtPhone login credentials that can be used for the Chrome Extension Dialer and later for the Mobile App, when it is enabled for InvestorFuse users (coming soon!)

How to Manage Users

Go to your Dashboard > Admin Panel > Users. From there, you can do a variety of actions relating to your team within your smrtPhone account including:

  • Add new users

  • Remove users

  • Resend or revoke invitations

  • Update User Settings

  • Create or Modify Groups

  • Update permissions

For more detailed information on User Management >>

After You've Invited Users

Once you have invited users you should:

Next Step: Install the smrtPhone Chrome Extension >>

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