🤳 Texting and calling are essential to most businesses. To be able to make a call first you need to buy a number. 🔢

If you already did this, you can skip to the part where you have to set up your call flow.

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Making a Call and Sending a Text with the smrtPhone Dialer

Ways to Make Outbound Phone Calls using smrtPhone for InvestorFuse Clients

There are three dialers within the smrtPhone platform - Web App, Chrome Dialer, and Mobile App. The Mobile App will be available soon for InvestorFuse users.

Learn how the three dialers are in sync or separate here>>

The three dialers all sync with your CRM contacts. As you type, smrtPhone will begin to present options, narrowing them down as you complete more information in the field.

Once you find the contact you're looking for, click on it. You will see all of the phone number options you have for that person. You can view their record in your CRM or you can refresh the CRM contact to update to include the most recent contact data available.

When you see the contact number you want, click the phone icon 📞 to dial it or the message icon to send a text message.

Receiving a call/text on the Dialer

Ways to Receive Phone Calls using smrtPhone

Calls are routed to users via Call Flows. Calls can ring to individual users or to groups of users. Users can receive calls placed to multiple phone numbers. Those with the applicable Activity Management Permissions can select which numbers will be routed to which User(s). But Users decide where within smrtPhone the calls will ring and be answered. Users can also decline or ignore incoming calls.

  • Chrome Dialer. A small banner will drop down from the Chrome Extension icon in the upper right corner of your Chrome Browser.

  • smrtPhone Web App. If you are logged in to smrtPhone from a browser tab, the dialer will extend down when there is an incoming call.

  • Mobile App. If you are logged in and active on the smrtPhone mobile app, you can answer inbound calls from your smartphone (soon).

When you are in the smrtPhone Web App/main dashboard - and your status is set to Available - and a new call comes in, the Dialer will open and display all available contact details.

  • The number of the person calling you

  • Associated contact record details (name, etc.)

  • Which of your Caller ID/phone numbers were dialed.

  • To answer the call, click the green button.

  • When a call is connected, you have all of the same call controls and actions as were available in outbound calls.

  • When the call is complete, you will have the ability to edit or add call notes and finalize the call.

  • The call will now appear in your recent call logs within the Dialer.

In order to receive a text message within smrtPhone, you first need to set up an SMS Flow, which can be done easily, like the Call flow.

You can learn how to do this, please read our documentation regarding this issue: SMS Flow Builder.

Call Dispositions

Call Dispositions will help with audience segmentation and automation within your system. They are shown at the end of a call, as part of finalizing a call, allowing you to mark communications status so you know what the next steps for follow-up should be.

At this moment, all the dispositions available to InvestorFuse beta users are pre-set and they are not dynamic. Soon smrtPhone will offer the chance for you to change the dispositions and to configure them as you please to meet your needs.

You can find all these statuses of calls within your InvestorFuse page, in the Activity and Communication Log section, and in our Web App Dialer, after any entry.

If you need more help, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team and our Documentation Page.

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