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In order to benefit from all our system's features, you will want to configure it first. We have an entire Documentation Site to help you with this, so don't worry, you are in good hands.

In this article we will guide you through:

A. New User's Guide

B. Purchase a phone number

C. Incoming Communication

D. How to manage users and create groups

E. How to set up voicemail

A. New User's Guide

Because these are your first steps into smrtPhone world, you might want to read our New User's Guide, which will have the instructions to configure your system.

Here, you can learn things like:

For the full experience, please read the Beginner's Guide and the articles related.

B. Purchase a Phone Number

Buying a phone number will be the first thing to do after you started your free trial (Do not forget to activate your subscription!) and you will receive a $7 credit to do so.

Next, you will need to give that a "friendly name" - to recognize it among the next you'll purchase, and build a Call Flow.

To do so, check this out: How to manage your phone numbers and you will find useful instructions.

Also, this simple initial setup of smrtPhone can come of great help for you.

C. Incoming Communication

Flows establish what the system should do with calls and texts that come into your phone numbers. Flows are incredibly flexible, totally customizable, and can be as complex or simple as you want. And most importantly: creating a flow is required to receive any incoming calls.

You can set Flows for your Inbound Calls/Incoming Communication, to establish what happens to an incoming communication:

  • Set up Call Flows to be able to receive incoming calls

  • Set up SMS Flows to be able to receive incoming text messages

To learn more, please see our collection on Inbound Calls - Building a Call Flow.

D. How to Manage Users and Groups

Anyone you add to your smrtPhone account is considered a User.

You can add/remove Users, control their permissions, and create Groups for easy management of Call Flows.

Under the Admin menu in the left navigation (≡), you'll find the User's tab.

Here you can:

  • Add Users

  • Remove Users

  • Adjust permissions

  • Create User Groups

  • Add Users to Groups

To find more about customizing Groups and managing Users, you can simply read the article How to manage Users and Groups on our Documentation Page.

E. How to Set Up Voicemail

Setting an individual Voicemail ensures you don't miss important communication while you're on a call, by

From your Dashboard, access My Account and there you will be able to personalize your individual Voicemail.

You can also set up your Voicemail directly in the Voicemail Applet in a Call Flow.

As you learned above, the Flow decides what happens to your incoming communication. So, in order to receive a Voicemail, you need to have this option in your Flow.

You can learn more about personalizing your individual Voicemail in this article here: How to set up Voicemail and how to configure the Voicemail for Call Flows by following the instructions/video in this article: Voicemail Setup - Call Flows.

Now that you have all covered up, you can move to the next step >> OutGoing Communication.

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