🀳 Texting and calling are essential to modern business! The first step is to buy a phone number. Be sure you did not miss the previous step,

<< Configuring your system.

If you have already done this, skip ahead to set up your Call Flow and make your first call.

As a smrtPhone User, we recommend using our dialers for optimal functionality.

How to Dial Outbound Calls using smrtPhone

  • Inside Billions: Call from your smrtPhone dialer in Billions, accessed by the β€œπŸ“ž Phone” button in the lower-left corner of your window OR by clicking the phone number from a contact record.

    • Click the β€œπŸ“ž Phone” button in the lower-left corner to open the smrtPhone dialer. Search for a contact name or type a number and press the green Call button.

    • Click on any "People" lead phone number directly from that contact record. This will automatically pop up the smrtPhone window and dial that number. Once smrtPhone is integrated with Billions, all phone numbers will be hyperlinked and clickable to dial.

  • Chrome Extension: Once properly installed and pinned, you can click the dialer open from the upper right corner of your browser.

  • Web App: Log in directly to smrtPhone and click open the dialer from the blue button at the top of the screen.

  • Mobile App: Open the smrtPhone app on your iPhone or Android device and place a call from the home screen.

Once you've purchased your first number, set a friendly name and set up a Call/SMS Flow, you can start making phone calls. The Simple initial setup of smrtPhone will help if you need additional instructions.

There are also additional articles to help, found here:

Sending Text messages using smrtPhone

Because the system uses the same functionalities for calls and text messages, the same apps will also help you send messages.

Whether you choose to send a text message from the Regular Dialer - on the Dashboard of your Web App, from the Google Chrome Extension, Mobile App, or within your CTI Dialer, the functionality is the same.

The dialers all sync with your CRM contacts. As you type, smrtPhone will begin to present options, narrowing them down as you complete more information in the field.

Once you find the contact you're looking for, click on it. You will see all of the phone number options you have for that person. You can view their record in your CRM or you can refresh the CRM contact to update to include the most recent contact data available.

Starting a New Text Conversation

When you access the smrtPhone dialer within Salesforce, you can send a text by clicking the blue Message button:

This will open a dialogue box where you can select the contact (or enter a phone number) and type the content of the message. Simply hit the Send Message button and it’s done!

Additionally, you can send a text by clicking the Inbox button and choosing to reply to an existing conversation.

You can use this feature on all Dialers, including the Mobile App - How to send a message using the Mobile App.

You can see your Call Logs within your smrtPhone Account. Learn how to do that by reading this article here: Call Logs & SMS Logs.

Now, you can learn about Incoming Communication >>

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