Both, the Mobile App and the Google Chrome Extension are based on the setting you made on your system while you configured it.

<< Please, take a moment to review your settings, and if you are sure that everything is set, proceed with the next step.

smrtPhone Mobile App

The smrtPhone Mobile App allows you to take smrtPhone on the go whether you have an Android or iPhone. Designed to be similar to the phone apps you've been using for years, they give you instant access to your CRM contacts out in the field.

Install the Mobile App

The smrtPhone mobile app is available for iOS and Android, including your tablet devices. You can download the App by clicking the images below:

Or using these links:

Using the Mobile App

There are 4 main buttons in the navigation at the bottom of the mobile app.

Recent calls - Once you start to make and receive calls, they will show up here.

Dialer - Dial by Number/Search Contacts

Inbox - Includes SMS/MMS and Voicemail

Settings - configure and personalize the app

You can use the functionalities of your Mobile App as if you are using the Main Dialer. Moreover, you can easily switch accounts as faster as on your Dashboard.

Learn more features of the Mobile App by reading out articles related to smrtPhone Mobile App.

Install the Google Chrome Extension

Our Chrome Extension powers some of the most efficiency-boosting features within smrtPhone.

You can install the Extension from Google's Extensions Packs or by clicking the image below.

Please, keep in mind that our system was entirely built for Google Chrome.

Here, in these articles, you will find step-by-step instructions on how to install and pin the extension: How to install the Google Chrome Extension and how to Set up your Extension.

Note: You may have to restart Chrome the first time you try to use the new extension or when it is updated.

You can initiate calls and texts from any browser tab, whether you are in smrtPhone or anywhere else on the internet. Simply click the smrtPhone triangle icon from your Chrome Extension toolbar.

The dialer box will drop down, just like it does within the smrtPhone Web App, perfectly synced with your CRM contacts and ready for you to select a contact and make a call or send a text.

Also, you can answer the incoming calls, access your Inbox, and use all the functionalities of a Dialer. Learn more about our Click-to-call feature by accessing the articles related to Google Chrome Extension.

Now, you customized all your settings for your system.

What is next to be done is the smrtDialer setup, the Power dialer for your CRM. >>

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