You must install the smrtPhone CTI Adapter onto your account and then activate each individual user.

To install the smrtPhone CTI Adapter onto your accounts you need to install the phone system at the account level and then activate it for each individual user you wish to grant access to.

Install smrtPhone on Your Salesforce Account

The first step in the installation process is to click on the download link, shared with you by Billions‼️ We cannot publish the link here because it is not for public consumption. If you have trouble locating the link, please contact our Support team using the chat button in the lower right.

Once you have clicked the link - it should take you to this page. Simply log in with your Salesforce account and password.

Once you have logged in, you have to install the smrtPhone pack. Here are the installation steps.

  1. “What if existing component names conflict with ones in this package?” For proper configuration, select the “Do not install” radio button in the first box. This means you avoid any conflicts with existing components.

  2. Then, select to install the pack for ALL USERS - the middle option.

  3. Press “Install” and then grant all permissions for smrtPhone pack and hit the ”Done” button.

Activate smrtPhone for Each Salesforce User

To add users to your account, you must first activate them within Billions and then add them to your smrtPhone Account. (If you get an email invitation, you can ignore it - you must follow these instructions below.) You can also invite someone to use your smrtPhone account who does not have access to your Billions CRM.

‼️ IMPORTANT NOTE: You can have multiple dialers within your Salesforce account (for example, both smrtPhone and Billions) however, each individual user can only use one phone system at a time.

This process is how you set the smrtPhone for an individual user inside your CRM:

  1. Activate smrtPhone for your users in Salesforce

  2. Invite the user through smrtPhone platform

  3. User must create own smrtPhone credentials for use with Chrome Extension and Mobile Apps.

If you would like to provide access to smrtPhone but NOT to your Salesforce, you should follow these instructions here.

How to Activate smrtPhone for your Users in Salesforce

The next step is to grant your users access to smrtPhone within Billions. This needs to be done manually within each individual user configuration. It’s simple to do, just takes a series of clicks to get to the right spot.

  1. Go to SETUP in the upper right corner.

  2. Drill down on this path: USERS > USER > EDIT > CALL CENTER

  3. Once there, check off: SMRTPHONE CTI ADAPTER and save.

Now, you can proceed with the setting up of your smrtPhone system >>

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