smrtDialer is a Power Dialer with up to 4 lines of simultaneous dialing. It is an add-on to your smrtPhone, giving you access to a powerful sales dialer to supercharge your outbound calling.

It's priced based a per-seat subscription and usage comes out of your account's smrtPhone credit balance. Seats are unnamed, so you can move agents in and out as needed.

In this article we cover where to learn more about smrtDialer:

A. smrtDialer Basics

B. How to Access smrtDialer

C. How to Configure a Campaign

D. Calling leads in a campaign based on an Excel spreadsheet

A. smrtDialer Basics

Understanding what the smrtDialer product is, how it's priced, and how it integrates with smrtPhone:

smrtDialer supercharges your smrtPhone system, increases your outbound calling rate, streamlines lead qualification, improves follow-ups, and fills your pipeline faster.

B. How to Access smrtDialer

Select smrtDialer from the left-hand menu, and it will open with some options in the submenu:

  • Campaigns (open by default) - the heart of smrtDialer. This is where you set up your different lists to be called, determine how they will be called, and what will happen when specific dispositions are chosen at the completion of calls.

  • Archived Campaigns - this will come in handy if you want to retire but later restore some of your older campaigns.

  • Monitoring - If you have smrtPhone Pro, Call Monitoring is available for smrtDialer calls (as well as regular smrtPhone calls.) Call Monitoring allows you to watch all of the active smrtDialer calls, listen in, and whisper or barge as needed.

  • DNC Numbers - This is where numbers who are on the Do Not Call list appear - whether they have been added through a smrtDialer disposition or manually added to the list from this section. DNC is global across your entire smrtPhone account.

  • Documentation - a link to our article and how-to guide collection focused on smrtDialer

  • Setup - This is where the core setup for smrtDialer will take place. In this section, you will manage your seats and agent permissions.

C. How to Build a Campaign

There is some strategy and pre-work that must be completed before you build a campaign in the smrtDialer system. If you have these elements decided ahead of time, the actual building of the campaign will be a breeze.

Step 1 - Make your Campaign Strategy

To optimize outcomes, you need to know where you are aiming (vision and goals) and the tactics you want to use to get there.

  • πŸ“ˆ Goal: What are you trying to achieve with this campaign? What does a successful call look like?

  • 🎯 Target audience: Who will you be calling? How many people will you be calling?

  • ☎ Number of lines. If you subscribe to the Multi-Line smrtDialer, you can do up to 4 lines of simultaneous calling.

  • 🏁 Dispositions / Statuses - Decide how you want to tag completed calls and what you would like to happen to the leads that fall in each bucket.

Step 2 - Access the smrtDialer

The next step after determining your strategy and preparing your assets is to decide how you want to bring leads into smrtDialer.

Go to the smrtDialer section within your smrtPhone Dashboard ( πŸ“ž icon in the left navigation.) Hit the +New Campaign button in the upper right of your smrtDialer.

Step 3 - Load Campaign Assets

Determine what tools are needed to fulfill your campaign strategy.

  • πŸ†” Name your campaign - give it a useful, descriptive name that will help you identify it later.

  • βš™ Set the Call Engine Settings that you already determined based on your campaign strategy and assets. These can be edited later from the Campaign Settings screen.

    • Phone number(s) which phone number(s) will appear on the outbound caller ID? You can choose a single phone number or create a number pool that will rotate Caller ID.

    • Number of lines to use simultaneously (for multi-line subscribers)

    • Phone number depth - how many numbers to dial per lead if lead records have multiple numbers associated with it.

    • ⏺ Recordings: There are two required recordings in the smrtPhone Media Manager for use in a campaign: voicemail drop and callback recording. If you have a smrtPhone Pro subscription, you can also add hold music for each campaign. Read about using call recordings in campaigns here>>

Step 4 - Gather Leads

For InvestorFuse beta clients, we currently allow lead lists to be loaded directly into smrtDialer and then push warm leads into your CRM. Coming soon is the ability to pull lists from within InvestorFuse for quick follow-up.

  • 🎯 At this step, you will press the "Select" button to create your campaign

  • Follow the on-screen prompts to choose and upload your lead list. smrtDialer accepts .csv, .xls, and .xlsx files.

  • Use the available upload template if you need it

  • After the upload is done, press the "Save and continue" button

Note: Custom columns are not currently available because the Target Fields in the mapping are static. See template for which headers to use.

Step 5 - Map Fields & Import Leads

Now, you must map the fields of your list to complete the import.

This step matches each column with a field within the campaign, so the correct information appears in the Lead Window when dialing. It also ensures the proper information is pushed into your CRM for warm leads.

To configure your fields drag + drop the desired fields from Source Columns to the Target Columns.

Note: Each phone field must contain a single number. You can add up to 10 phone fields per contact.

When you finish mapping all the fields needed for your campaign, click the Start Import button to migrate the leads.

❗️Note: Pay attention while mapping. If the error Invalid Mapping occurs after pressing Start Import, you should check the fields again to ensure they line up.

If you selected the incorrect file by accident, you can simply go back using the Back button and return to the previous page.

Step 6 - Call Script

To create a call script for your agent to follow, using merge fields, access the second tab, called Call Script. Learn more about Call Scripts >>

Step 7 - Confirm Campaign Settings

  • βš™ You should have already set the basic Call Engine Settings, which now appear in the first tab of the Campaign Settings. You can update/edit these if needed.

  • Set Status/Disposition and Filters for non-qualified leads.
    When your agent is completing a call, they determine what happens to the lead:

    • Qualified Lead - There are Action buttons your agent can press to push the warm leads to your CRM.

    • Non-qualified lead - This is where Call Dispositions and Filters are used. You set these from the Call Engine Tab. Your Call Dispositions (Status) are buttons presented to your agent to categorize each call when it ends. The filters determine what happens to that lead for that specific campaign, based on which disposition is selected - will it be dialed again in a future session or will it be dropped/skipped for this campaign moving forward? Learn more about smrtDialer status and filters here>>

    • Learn how the DNC list works within smrtDialer >>

Step 8 - Configure Agent Permissions

πŸ•΅οΈβ€β™€οΈ In the fourth/last tab, you can choose whether only specific agents can access this campaign or whether all agents can. Read more about how to assign agents to campaigns >>

Congratulations! Your campaign is now ready to be dialed!

D. Calling leads in a campaign based on an Excel spreadsheet

When you run a smrtDialer Campaign based on an uploaded lead list, agents must choose which leads to push to CRM.

Learn how to use this feature with the help of this article here:

Calling Leads in an Excel spreadsheet-based smrtDialer Campaign

You can read our beginner's guide for smrtDialer here: New to smrtDialer? Start here! Beginner guide to creating power dialing campaigns

Additional Settings to Know

  • πŸ’Ί How to assign agents to seats. Remember - smrtDialer seats are unnamed, so Account Owner and users with granted permissions can swap out agents as needed.

  • πŸ‘‚ Call Monitoring - smrtPhone Pro subscribers have access to their Call Monitoring tools in smrtDialer campaigns as well.

  • πŸ€–πŸ§‘ A.I. Voice Detection in smrtDialer. This is turned on/off at the agent level. When dialing multiple lines at once, it is what identifies if a machine or a live human has answered one of the lines.

  • 🌠 Auto-Resume Dialing. Another feature that is controlled at the agent level, determines whether a new call will be dialed automatically when the last call is completed or whether the agent has to press the resume dialing button.

Here you can find more helpful information on Campaign Customization, regarding Call Dispositions, Recordings, Call Script, or Number Pools in smrtDialer.

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