Register with the FTC first, then in smrtLeads

To perform DNC Scrubbing of a list within smrtLeads, you must have completed the appropriate registration with the FTC, because we use a third party for this action.

For more information about the National Do Not Call Registry, visit the FTC FAQ >>

Once you are registered with the FTC, you must enter your registration details in under the DNC Profile section of smrtLeads.

How to Perform DNC Scrubbing

There are two options for DNC Scrubbing of a lead list imported via Excel Upload.

  • When the list is initially uploaded

  • From the Source Overview page - by selecting DNC Scrubbing from the Actions drop-down menu

Note: If you have obtained proper consent, the Webhook option for obtaining lead contact information does not require you to check against the National Do Not Call Registry before contacting.

Please, keep in mind that without an approved DNC profile, you cannot use the feature of DNC scrubbing while creating lead sources.

DNC Management

If you perform DNC scrubbing and a lead is on the Do Not Call Registry, they will automatically be placed on your DNC list within smrtPhone. This list spans across smrtPhone, smrtDialer, and smrtLeads and disables the ability to call or text this lead.

If you have obtained consent from another method that legally allows you to contact the lead, you may go into your general smrtPhone platform DNC list and select to have the communications restrictions removed.

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