While setting up your new smrtPhone account, you can set some initial preferences for how you'd like the Salesforce Integration to operate. This is an optional step - you can move forward with the default and update from the admin dashboard when you're ready.

All of these settings can be modified at a later point, and there are additional options you should review once you have added phone numbers in your smrtPhone portfolio. View full list of Salesforce Settings Options>>

If you need extra help with setting up your smrtPhone Account, you can check this article here: Setting up a smrtPhone Account for use in your CRM >>

Once you are ready with connecting your CRM, you can choose how your integration will be customized.

You can decide basic settings like:

  • Autocomplete New Tasks - For any communication that comes into your Salesforce instance from smrtPhone, you can have the system auto-complete the task - or you can choose to leave them as open tasks for your team to review inside your CRM.

  • Relate Tasks to Opportunities - When communication tasks come in, you can choose to relate them to the Opportunity rather than the Account or Lead.

  • Autocomplete Inbound SMS Tasks - This is related to the first option, but is for text messages only.

You can also create customized Incoming and Outgoing Call Dispositions for your future communication via smrtPhone. (You can add/modify these later.)

This whole step is optional, but helps you get going on the right foot.

You can move ahead with the default settings and finish your configuration. Right after this step, you will choose a smrtPhone plan, enter your payment details for Usage (and subscription fees, once your account is activated) and complete your setup.

If you choose to customize them later on or want to modify settings you chose at this step, they are available for Account Owners at any point in the Setup Page from Admin Panel in your left navigation on the Dashboard. You can also give specific Users permissions to modify these settings in the future.

Once your initial account setup is complete, you will see additional settings options that require you to have phone numbers and users in your system (such as Default Call Owner setting, and whether to automatically create Leads for unknown contacts.)

If you want to read more about these settings, you can read the full article here: Salesforce Setup Page >>

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