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smrtPhone Network Connectivity Requirements
smrtPhone Network Connectivity Requirements

What are smrtPhone's Network Connectivity Requirements?

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The following article outlines smrtPhone's requirements for network connectivity. Continue reading to find our Client VoIP port and bandwidth requirements, as well as our firewall configuration recommendations.

smrtPhone Browser Dialer Port Requirements

Signaling - TCP - Port 443
RTP - UDP - Port 10,000 - 20,000

The client-side will select any available port from the ephemeral range. On most machines, this means the port range 1,024 to 65,535.

Bandwidth Requirements

smrtPhone Browser Dialer - 10 kB/second (including overhead)

Firewall Configuration

Your firewall should allow outgoing UDP to the public internet from the browsers that will be using the smrtPhone Browser Dialer, and allow return traffic in response.
If your router includes SIP Application Level Gateway (ALG) function or Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI), disable both of these functions.

To check your overall firewall and port configuration, we recommend:

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