Getting Started with smrtPhone

All the basics for new users of smrtPhone and smrtDialer

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Starting your smrtPhone Trial

Learn more about how to setup a smrtPhone Trial and connect to your CRM, the limitations of a trial and how to activate a full account.

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smrtPhone Cloud Phone System

How to set up and use the smrtPhone account, customization and using the voice/text capabilities of your smrtPhone system.

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Using the Mobile Apps

How to use the iOS and Android Apps, basic troubleshooting and guides.

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Using the smrtPhone Chrome Extension

Learn how to set up and use the Extension to increase your productivity

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KPI Reports

Find data and insights that improve your decision making to make you more efficient and more profitable

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smrtDialer - your Power Dialer

Learn more about how to configure smrtDialer, how to manage key features, set up campaigns and control your seat count.

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smrtLeads - BETA

Lead Management - DNC Scrubbing, Skip Tracing, and Dial Lists for smrtDialer

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Broadcast - BETA

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Sales, Billing & Pricing

Learn more about how smrtPhone pricing works and get answers to frequent questions about billing.

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A curated list of the most commonly asked questions by smrtPhone customers

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Read up on common ways that your system may not be working as expected and how to fix them.

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Security & Compliance

smrtPhone Trust Center, A2P 10DLC, STIR/SHAKEN, and communications regulations

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smrtPhone - Your CRM customization

Here you will find unique settings and features customizable for your CRM

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