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Getting Started with smrtPhone

All the basics for new users of smrtPhone and smrtDialer

Starting your smrtPhone Trial

Learn more about how to setup a smrtPhone Trial and connect to your CRM, the limitations of a trial and how to activate a full account.

smrtPhone Cloud Phone System

How to set up and use the smrtPhone account, customization and using the voice/text capabilities of your smrtPhone system.

Using the Mobile Apps

How to use the iOS and Android Apps, basic troubleshooting and guides.

Using the smrtPhone Chrome Extension

Learn how to set up and use the Extension to increase your productivity

KPI Reporting

Find all the data and insights which will improve decision making and team performance

KPI Reports - Legacy Version

Find data and insights that improve your decision making to make you more efficient and more profitable

smrtDialer - your Power Dialer

Learn more about how to configure smrtDialer, how to manage key features, set up campaigns and control your seat count.

smrtLeads - BETA

Lead Management - DNC Scrubbing, Skip Tracing, and Dial Lists for smrtDialer

Sales, Billing & Pricing

Learn more about how smrtPhone pricing works and get answers to frequent questions about billing.


Read up on common ways that your system may not be working as expected and how to fix them.

Security & Compliance

smrtPhone Trust Center, A2P 10DLC, STIR/SHAKEN, and communications regulations

smrtPhone - Your CRM customization

Here you will find unique settings and features customizable for your CRM