Note: this video shows an outdated dialer design, but the dispositions functionality is the same.

Learn how to personalize your Inbound and Outbound Calls Dispositions.

Call Dispositions will help your automation within your system. They are shown at the end of a call, as part of finalizing a call, allowing you to mark communications status so you know what the next steps for follow up should be.

There are few steps for this to work properly. It all starts in Podio.

  1. Get into your Podio Home Page and select your Organization and a Workspace where your Communications App is installed

  2. Select the Communications App from your Home Page

  3. Use the Wrench to Modify Template, to create personalized Dispositions along with the default ones

Once you press the Modify Template button, you can see all the Fields in your Communications App.

Inbound Calls and Outbound Calls (Inbound Status/Outbound Status) are under the Category section and this affects all of the calls made on the regular Dialer.

Here you can:

  • Add/ Remove dispositions at your will

  • Select a color for each disposition

  • Personalize disposition for both Inbound and Outbound Calls (Inbound Status and Outbound Status)

Here, you can easily add your needed disposition to keep better track of your calls.

Press Done and now your new personalized Dispositions should show up at the end of every Inbound/Outbound Call.

❗️ Keep in mind that some Dispositions are set by default and can't be removed. Also, this setup is only available for the Account Owner!

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