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The legacy KPI Reports Section - Unassigned
The legacy KPI Reports Section - Unassigned

What does it mean if a report shows a metric called "unassigned"?

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The legacy version of KPI Reporting will be withdrawn starting in July 2024. Please consider migrating your data to the new KPI Reports Section - V2.

If you see the Unassigned status on your Reports there are a couple of reasons it might be showing up.

  • The Call/SMS flow is set up to go to a Team (multiple agents from your smrtPhone account.) In this case, if no one from that specific team is answering or responding to a text no one will be assigned as the Call Owner meaning the call is Unassigned.

  • The "Unassigned" status can also happen when a team is called and all of the members from that team are connected to a call (busy) and there is no voicemail attached to that phone number. When this happens, the call is not going anywhere.

  • If the incoming calls are routed directly to a personal phone number using the Number option in the Call Flow setup, it will be labeled as Unassigned because the final destination is outside of smrtPhone.

  • Finally, sometimes the CRM may be lagging or acting strange and it will not update the reports with the correct Call Owner. We find this is <1% of the time, and typically depends on the day and time the calls are made.

  • Podio Users: When using the SMS API to send text messages directly from Podio comments or respond to them using the comments, they will be labeled "unassigned." In this situation, the system can not tell which specific Agent sent the message through Podio comments.

Depending on the frequency and volume of Unassigned status, you may want to investigate further to see if you can improve processes to create more clarity for tracking purposes.

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