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Why Voicemail Drop is not Working in smrtDialer
Why Voicemail Drop is not Working in smrtDialer

How to fix when smrtDialer says a voicemail has been dropped but it has not.

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Most common: Voicemail Recording error

If you discover that smrtDialer says it has dropped/pushed your voicemail recording but it didn't, the most common reason is because there is something wrong with the recording file itself, even if it appears okay on the surface.

The quickest fix is to get a high quality recording loaded into the campaign.

You can either:

Less common: Using AI and Lead's voicemail greeting is too long

If you are using the AI voice detection in a smrtDialer campaign and the voicemail greeting of your lead is longer than 30 seconds, your voicemail drop will be incomplete. For example, if your voicemail recording is 10 seconds long and your lead's greeting is 35 seconds long, only the last 5 seconds of your voicemail will be captured.

Unfortunately, the only way around this issue is to turn off AI and do a manual voicemail drop after you listen to the full, long message and hear the beep.

A tip that can help is to make sure you do a quick summary/repeat contact information at the end of the voicemail recording.

If this doesn't fix your issue, please contact us using the live chat in the lower right corner of your browser.

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