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Source Configuration in smrtLeads
Source Configuration in smrtLeads

Learn the different ways you can import contacts into smrtLeads

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smrtLeads is a central hub for all of your lead management. You can pull lists and contact information from multiple locations, scrub, organize and prepare to dial your leads. You can have unlimited sources of leads within smrtLeads.

There are two main ways to pull leads in:

Coming soon: pulling leads from your CRM.

Coming in the farther future: pulling leads from other data providers.

Once a source is created in smrtLeads, you can further configure it or export the associated leads from the Source Overview screen.

How to Create a New Source in smrtLeads

To create a new source, go to smrtLeads > Lead Sources and click the green +New Lead Source button.

From there, you can select whether the new source will be a Webhook or an Excel upload.


A webhook is a way to get real-time lead information pushed into smrtLeads. The most common method is by a web form: when the form is completed, the webhook triggers the information to be sent via a special email, with the required fields, creating an immediate lead.

โ—๏ธ Important: You must obtain explicit consent from any contacts completing your form that lists the ways they will permit you to contact them. When you configure a webhook in smrtLeads, you must certify that you have obtained the consent using the checkboxes in the form.

Configure Webhook

Name your Webhook Source something that will make it easily identifiable among a large list of sources and confirm consent.

Click Next to finalize the Webhook source receptacle within smrtLeads, where the Webhook will push leads.

Configure Your Contact Form

While everything is finished in smrtLeads, you still have another step to take in the programming of your contact form to make sure the Webhook is fully set up.

From the Source Overview screen, click on the "Contact Form Settings" tab. Here, you will be able to see the email and POST Request endpoint data that is unique to this Source. Each address is unique and specific for that particular source.

Give this information to the developer who designs and creates your form to ensure the information from your lead collection form flows into this smrtLeads Source.

These" Examples" are editable, but you have to remember that the phone number field (for email) and first name, phone number, and email address (for POST Request) are mandatory and each field has to be on its own line.

In case of any error, this is going to be visible in the "Submissions" tab, and will also mention the cause of the error. Here you can see the status of the submission too.

Excel Upload

This type of source configuration is based on uploading a list of leads in .xlsx, .xls, or .csv file format.

  1. Name your Excel Source something that will make it easily identifiable among a large list of sources.

  2. Load your file. If you need help setting up your file, you can download the sample template to guide you. Only name and phone number are required fields, but you have additional information you can include to make list cleaning and lead management easier.
    When your file is selected, you should see the name of it appear above "Download Template". If you selected the wrong file and would like to swap in a new one, the Choose File button should now say Update File - press that to upload a new list to override the previous one.

  3. Select whether you'd like to Skip Trace or perform scrubbing against the National Do Not Call Registry for this list. Note that using these list cleaning features will incur usage fees (based on the number of leads) and be deducted from your credit balance. You can also perform these data cleansing actions after the upload, from the Source Overview page.

  4. Only for Podio Users: You have to configure the CRM - Organization, Workspace. You can also edit this one later, by using the button "Edit CRM Push".

  5. Map fields from your Excel list to the Target Columns by dragging & dropping the fields from the left column to the appropriate spot on the right. You can add additional Phone and Email fields by clicking the +Add button in those Target Column field areas.

  6. Click Next to Finalize the Import. If your lead list is large, it may take a few minutes to fully import.

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