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Source Overview in smrtLeads

Actions you can take once a Source has been created

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When you first create a new Source, you will be presented with a button to take you directly to the Overview page. (You can also visit the overview page by clicking on any list from your Lead Sources page.)

From this page, you can see the name, type of source, who created it, when it was last edited, the number of active/converted/DNC leads, and an overview of the leads within this source. You also have the option for further configuration from here.

smrtLeads main tab

All Sources Types - Configure CRM Push (Podio)

For Podio Users, the Configure CRM Push is where you will map the fields from smrtLeads to your Podio workspace, so you can push leads to your CRM.

For all the other integrated CRMs there is only one place where leads are pushed into your CRM, thus not requiring configuration.


Excel Upload

For Excel Upload Sources, you have three options under the Action menu:

  • Export Clean Leads

  • Perform Skip Trace

  • Perform DNC Scrubbing

In case, for any reason, in particular, you did not select the Skip Trace or the DNC Scrubbing option while configuring the source, you can do this now, from the "Actions" button.

smrtLeads Actions


For Webhook Sources, you have just one option under the Action menu:

  • Export Clean Leads

Webhook Configuration

For Webhook sources, it is from this Overview page that you can view your contact form settings.

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