After you have confirmed your basic campaign configuration, you need to decide where to push warm leads in your CRM.

Important information about determining where to push qualified leads:

  • Each Campaign built from an Excel upload can push warm leads to a different spot. For example, if you are dialing a campaign to Sellers, you can push qualified leads to your Sellers App or if you are dialing a campaign to Buyers, you can push leads to a Buyers App.

  • Each Campaign built from an Excel upload can point to multiple Apps at once. For example - you might want to push the contact information to your Contacts App and Property information to your Properties App. You can do that, and the items will be automatically linked without any additional Podio programming.

Select Your First App

Click on the second tab in the Configuration screen and add a CRM App to map with your Podio.

Choose the Organization, Workspace, and App in Podio where the leads will be pushed while running campaigns.

You must Map Podio Fields to ensure you capture all of the necessary contact data.

You can add as many (or few) fields as you need to get the information from smrtDialer into your Podio App exactly the way you want it.

Press Add App button when you have finished the configuration. Of course, you can also remove this newly created App in case you change your mind or made a mistake.

When you are done with the configuration, press the Save button, and your CRM App is ready to receive the data from the selected smrtDialer Fields for the warm leads.

Select your Second App (Optional)

At this point, you can see all the information available for your campaign: Organization, Workspace, Podio App linked to it, and the date at which the App was added.

Now, you can easily Add another CRM App to your campaign, by clicking the upper green button “New CRM App”.

This second App will be where you can push additional available fields. You can continue to add Apps and map data from the campaign as your strategy requires.

Edit Fields, Relate Fields and Delete Apps

Once your configuration is saved, you will see a list of Podio Apps to which your campaign will push data. You can:

  • Edit or update an existing App to add or remove fields

  • Update an existing App so the fields within it relate to other fields from another App to which you're pushing data (essentially doing the work of Globiflow/PWA from within smrtDialer)

  • Delete an App

When clicking to Edit, be aware that only Fields Mapping is editable. If you want to change/update the Podio App, you must delete it and start over.

While editing the fields, you can easily map them with a previously selected CRM App – placed under "smrtDialer Fields”: this means that the Fields selected within the smrtDialer Fields (right part), will correspond to the selected ones within Podio Fields (left part).

You have two options:

1. Related Items

In this section, you will be able to select items created in previously configured CRM Apps (if any). When selected, the item created in the previous app will be linked through the Podio relationship field to the item created by the current app you're configuring.

2. Fields

This includes all other default fields that you can freely use to populate a Podio Contact Record

At this point, you should have all of your lead data configured: fields/data to pull into smrtDialer and where it will go when a qualified lead is "pushed" out of smrtDialer by your agents.

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