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Where to adjust your smrtPhone integration settings as a Podio user

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Podio users (who have appropriate user permissions in their smrtPhone account) can customize settings related to the integration between smrtPhone and the CRM.

Settings are found on the Dashboard > Admin Tab > Podio Setup.

  • Change your contact app or

  • Reinstall your communication app

  • Switch the Organization

  • Resync leads

  • Resync Hooks

  • Edit App Info and Fields that are synced

Note: Only the Account Owner has access to these settings.

Getting on this page will allow you to operate changes at App Info's and Synced Fields' levels.

Press Reconfigure button and proceed to edit the fields, selecting from the drop-down menus. Here you see both mandatory (Name/Surname/Phone Number) and optional (Photo/Position/Company) fields.

Once you are done, do not forget to click the Apply Changes button in order to see these new settings in your system. If you've changed your mind, just press Cancel.

On the other hand, you can also make some changes regarding the Communications App that is linked to your system, and reinstall this App.

To resync leads, you will have to click on the Contacts App and hit Resync Contacts and this will trigger a resync.

If you wish to see the process, you can refresh your page. When the resync is done, the orange banner will disappear, and your contacts will be synced.

Certain changes made to the Contacts app flows that can involve hooks can result in hooks getting unverified. To verify them again, use Resync Hooks.

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