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Broadcast Functionality
Broadcast Functionality
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A Broadcast is a high-volume text marketing tool. Before sending a Broadcast, you must meet some requirements to ensure TCPA compliance.

The Broadcast tab functionality contains two main sections:

Broadcast Feature Interface - smrtCast

Report Box

If this is your first time using Broadcast, the Report Box will be empty. Over time, this box will be populated with reports triggered by your Broadcast activity. The upper colored boxes are, in fact, filters. Once clicked, they remove that part of the data from the report. To add it back, click it one more time.

List of Broadcasts

Once you start to create and use Broadcast, the list will be populated with all your activity.

On top of it, you can see the filter boxes, which will help you find what you need way faster.

On the actual list of broadcasts, you can spot:

  • The Message that was sent - The content on the SMS that was sent to your audience

  • The Status - Sent / Waiting

  • The Texting List - The contact list that was used for this particular Broadcast

  • Sent - The amount/volume of texts sent

  • Responded - The number of respondents

  • Opted Out - The amount of recipients that opted out, based on that Broadcast message. They will be considered opted out for all future Broadcasts, unless they re-opt-in.

  • Date - The date that the Broadcast was sent.

Some of these details can be also used as filters (the message, the status, the list, and the date)

How to Send a Broadcast

Before sending a Broadcast, select the Texting List, the Caller IDs, and edit the message that will be sent to your audience (if necessary). However, the Opt-out message is not editable.

The Caller IDs are selected from the ones added in the A2P 10DLC Campaign required for the Broadcast.

Head to smrtPhone Dashboard > Broadcast > Broadcast and then customize the next blast:

  1. Hit the Send Broadcast button

  2. Select the Texting List from the drop-down menu

  3. Select the Caller IDs from the list available

  4. Edit the Broadcast Message (if applicable)

  5. Action

    1. Cancel - In case you change your mind

    2. Send now - Blast the Broadcast with the actual customization

    3. Schedule - Add a date and a time when your Broadcast will be sent

Once you finish all these steps, you are redirected to the Broadcast page, where you can see all the details:

  • The Broadcast Message

  • Texting List used

  • Outcome

    • Sent - How many messages were sent

    • Responded - How many people responded to your texts

    • Opted-out - How many people opted-out from receiving Broadcast messages from you.

    • Undelivered - How many messages failed to be sent

  • Filters

The answers from your recipients are here, along with their names, phone numbers, and the date they responded.

Press the Conversation πŸ’¬ icon, and you are redirected to your Inbox, where you can see all the messages between you and that particular respondent.

πŸ’‘ A2P 10DLC Message flow β‡’

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