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KPI Reporting - Campaign Report
KPI Reporting - Campaign Report

Where to go to find a breakdown of performance of your smrtDialer Campaigns

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Campaign Reports

The last tab in the reporting section is Campaign, specifically for smrtDialer activities analysis. Access this reporting tab by heading to smrtPhone Dashboard > Reports > Campaign.

This section gives you a deeper insight into how your phone system is being used. It will show you 2 categories of metrics:


For a specific period, the selected campaign(s) will display (split by day) the data based on the 5 metrics you can select:

  • smrtDialer Calls - Total calls made by your agents in that period in those campaigns

  • smrtDialer Talk Time - Active talk time in the selected campaigns

  • smrtDialer Answer Rate - How many calls were answered (%)

  • smrtDialer Average Call - An average made between all the campaign's calls

  • smrtDialer Answered Calls - How many calls were answered

  • smrtDialer Session Count - How many sessions were run for the campaign

timeline in campaign KPI

Campaign Report

This data helps in Agent monitoring since will show the agents' progress, for the same period and the same campaign you set, focusing on their performance. Here, you can also select up to 5 metrics from the ones available:

  • Basic Metrics:

    • smrtDialer Calls

    • smrtDialer Talk Time

    • smrtDialer Answer Rate

    • smrtDialer Average Call

    • smrtDialer Answered Calls

    • smrtDialer Session Count

  • Call Statuses

    • DNC

    • Voicemail

    • Not interested

    • Wrong Number

    • Or the other statuses you might have customized (if the case)

campaign report kpi

The metrics for the Campaign reporting differ from the ones in the Team or Number reporting tabs.

You can also toggle between a view grouped by users or campaigns.

Campaign overall

At the bottom of this reporting dashboard, depending on the campaigns selected and the timeframe set, the system pulls out 2 types of data:

  • Outbound Calls Answered - This is a heat map of the busiest times when your smrtDialer Campaign performed better in a specific timeframe set

  • Agent Calls - Shows the most productive agents from the selected campaigns on a specific timeframe

    • The number before the agent's name represents the number of campaigns the agent was involved in

    • The number after the bar represents the total calls the agent made in those campaigns.

Don't forget to adjust the timeframe to get the exact view of your call history that you want. Also, select the smrtDialer Campaign that you want data from. If you don't select any, the system will display all the campaigns available on your account.

These reports are different from the Dialer ones. If you want only smrrDialer reports details, please see this article here Dialer Reports β‡’

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