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How to understand smrtDialer campaign performance

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smrtDialer Performance

smrtDialer performance doesn't have a dedicated tab. Nevertheless, you can get all the data you need by selecting only the smrtDialer product from the drop-down menu.

smrtDialer selected in answer rates overview

Select only smrtDialer and depending on the report you want to see, you can obtain data for:

  • Team Performance - Where at the bottom of the page, you can view all the data split by agent and Call Status. For the Team Performance, you don't need to select the product, only the metrics, because the system helps you and provides the data for both products at once, based on the other metric - Agents. Moreover, clicking one of the statuses, you are redirected to the Call Logs page, filtered by the selected status.

    smrtDialer statuses

Use the metrics to obtain the data you are interested in. Save views as private or for your team members with granted permissions, or even download the reports you created.

Use the top-right options to save and download reports. If you want to pull specific data from campaigns, you need to use the other tab available. These reports above are only for numbers and agents.

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