Our goal is to help you understand the system and become a super user! Because everyone has their own learning style, we provide multiple ways to get access to the information you need to be successful. πŸš€

Read Our Documentation πŸ“š

(Congrats! You're already doing this!) We have an extensive library of how-to guides, FAQs, and tutorials in our smrtPhone documentation. Browse by category or search by keyword to find what you're looking for.

Watch a Tutorial Video ⏯

Our YouTube channel is full of video guides and tips & tricks to improve your performance. Watch one of our playlists or skim for a topic of interest. Head to the smrtPhone YouTube channel>>

Join our User User Group πŸ™‹

Sometimes the best way to learn is from peers who have been in your shoes. In the smrtPhone User Group in Facebook, you can ask for help, learn inside tips, and share your knowledge with others. Growing every day, it's a great place to go for answers. Join the smrtPhone User Group >>

Attend Live Q&A for smrtPhone Users πŸŽ‰

On the last Tuesday of every month, we host an open forum for smrtPhone users. We spotlight a feature or setting and then open up the floor for general Q&A. Join live or watch the replay in the User Group. Register for the next Open Q&A here >>

Check out "What's New" πŸ›Ž

In the top header of the smrtPhone app and the smrtPhone website is a little bell icon that will open up our "What's New" sidebar where you can read about the latest feature upgrades and new functionality. Go to smrtPhone and read What's New >>

Contact Support πŸ‘‹

As always, we are here to help you. Live support is available from 9 AM to 9 PM EST - Monday to Friday - through the chat feature within the smrtPhone web app, mobile app, and on our website. After-hours messages will be returned as soon as we're back online.

Get a demonstration from our Customer Success Team

We offer a 30 minute live introduction to smrtPhone or smrtDialer for anyone who is new and considering the system. We offer an additional 30 minute orientation refresher for new subscribers to teach you the basics of how to configure your smrtPhone account (specifically: Invite a User, Buy a Phone Number, and Create a Call & SMS Flow.)

Please note: For technical support or if you are unsure of what you need, please contact our team via Live Chat and they can guide you.

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