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Getting Started with smrtPhone
New User? Start Here - smrtPhone Training for Beginners
New User? Start Here - smrtPhone Training for Beginners

An outline of important training videos and guides - how to set up and use smrtPhone for new users

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Hello and welcome to the smrtPhone Documentation!

How to Use Our Documentation

In our documentation, you'll find advice and answers from the smrtPhone team, including resources, training videos, how-to guides, FAQs, and best practices for using smrtPhone and smrtDialer.

There are two ways to use this documentation to find answers:

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If You Don't Find What You're Looking for

Ask us! Click on the live chat button πŸ’¬ in the lower right and someone will answer within a few minutes during business hours. Or, you can sign up for a live, personalized orientation with a Client Success Agent to answer initial questions. They can walk you through the basics of buying a phone number, inviting a user, and creating your first call flow. Meetings are limited to 30 minutes.

Beginner's Guide to smrtPhone

Below, we call out some of the most important training articles and videos for first-time users of smrtPhone. These are just the highlights for new users, and you'll find more detail and depth in the rest of our support documentation as you become a more confident smrtPhone user.

Starting your smrtPhone Trial

How to Set Up smrtPhone - Highlights

  • πŸ›… Log in to the Web App or Mobile App: Once you created your account, you can access it to customize your settings.

  • πŸ›  A simple setup of smrtPhone: If you followed all of the prompts upon initial signup, you have likely already completed all of these steps. This article & video shows you around two crucial foundational elements of preparing your smrtPhone: Getting a phone number and configuring your number to receive incoming calls.

  • πŸ” Introduction to the Admin Dashboard: In the left navigation there is an icon of three slider bars (≑) where you will have access to all of your Admin tools. This video and the written catalog give an overview of what each subsection of the admin dashboard controls.

  • ☎️ How to Get and Manage Phone Numbers: smrtPhone is a phone system, right? And, what do we need to use a phone system? Phone numbers! This guide will kick off everything you need to know about buying and managing your phone number portfolio.

  • 🚻 How to Add Users: Learn how to bring your team into smrtPhone, whether they are full-time, part-time, consultants, or VAs. With smrtPhone Standard, you have 10 users included and can add more if needed. With smrtPhone Pro, you have unlimited users.

  • πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§ How to Create Teams of Users: Teams is an amazing tool to assemble users in a way that streamlines operations and improves response rates. Typically, we see teams created around functional expertise or departments. Don't forget to set up a voicemail inbox for each team you create!

  • πŸ“ž Creating Incoming Call Flows: to determine where calls ring - Because smrtPhone is a cloud-based phone system, you have complete control over where calls to each phone number ring. They can ring a user or a team, you can reroute them if no one answers, and you can present an initial greeting or a full phone menu. You can even send them straight to voicemail - it's up to you! But, you have to tell the system how to handle them - and that's what Call Flows do. You can have many phone numbers follow the same Call Flow routing or set each one up individually.

    🚨 If you do not set a Call Flow up, callers will not be able to reach you. 🚨

  • πŸ’¬ How to Send and Receive Text Messages: Similar to Call Flows, if you don't set up an SMS text flow, you will not receive any messages sent to your numbers. You can also do some quick setups to be able to send text messages directly within your CRM.

  • βš™οΈ Account Settings Overview: Learn how to adjust the global settings for your account, such as time zone and call recordings.

How to Use smrtPhone - Highlights

Need More Help?

The articles and videos called out above are just a few of the hundreds of guides we have in our smrtPhone Support Documentation. We recommend going to the top and clicking on the smrtPhone logo to return to the main Collections menu to browse for more hot tips on how to become a smrtPhone super user. Or, use the search bar to ask your questions.

πŸ’‘ If you need help beyond what you can find in the documentation, please reach out to us via live chat or send an email to [email protected]

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