This article will show you, step-by-step, how to quickly set up your smrtPhone and get dialing.

In order to have a nicely working system, you need to keep in mind some basic requirements:

Whether you are still in the Free Trial period or have activated a subscription, the first step is to buy yourself a number. We want to help you get off on the right foot, so we've applied a $7 credit toward purchasing your first number (the standard price is $5/number) which leaves some left-over credit to make calls and send messages.

How to Purchase a Number

To purchase your first number, go to your smrtPhone Dashboard > Admin > Phone Numbers.

Click the green Get a Number button and a new window opens where you can choose a number, based on the criteria you set.

Within this window you can see:

  • Country/state - to which country or state the number will belong (be aware of Non-US number legislation)

  • Local number/toll-free number

  • Area code - if you wish for more accuracy or are in search of certain area codes only

  • Capabilities - either voice, SMS, MMS (depending on area)

  • Price - a fee billed for each number

After you set your preferences and a number you like, all you have to do is press Buy Number. You're now the proud owner of a smrtPhone number! πŸŽ‰

How to Configure Your New Number

Next, you have a few steps to complete the setup of your number:

  1. Set a nickname

    You can set a nickname for your newly purchased number by simply clicking the pen, entering a Friendly Name, and clicking save. This will make it easier to manage the phone number in your smrtPhone system.

  2. You have to create a Call Flow for this new number. A Call Flow establishes where the system should route calls and texts coming into your phone number. Without one, incoming calls will not reach you.

    Here, you can easily set a Call Flow by dragging and dropping the applets you need.

    From here:

    To here:

    You have lots of options to customize the Call Flow:

    πŸ“ž Dial - dial a user with the option to record that call and redirect the caller if the user can't be reached.

    πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ€β€πŸ§‘πŸΏ Round Robin - Distributes the call to a group of users

    πŸ“² IVR Menu - Builds customizable options

    ☎ Voicemail - Allows the caller to leave a voicemail

    😁 Greeting - Sends a greeting to your caller before answering

    ⏳ Business Hours - Redirects your messages to pre-determined Applets depending on the time of receiving (open Applets and closed Applets selected by you)

    πŸ“΄ Hangup - ends the call

    πŸ“΅ DNC - add a specific number to the "Do not call" list

    Note: Pay attention to laws related to recording calls - in some states caller needs to be informed about this process!

    Create whatever structure works best for your business strategy and organization, and then press Save Flow.

    Note: if you first created a flow, without assigning it a number, simply go to that particular flow and select from the drop-down menu the number you want to be associated with this flow.

  3. You will need to set up an SMS/Text Flow as well

    Back in the Call Flow menu, you will see the newly created Call Flow for your number and the option to create SMS Flow.

By simply clicking the red button, you can customize what happens with incoming messages.

You can choose from the Applet setting what happens when an SMS message is received, letting the system know what it should do:

By dropping the applet, you can decide:

⏳Business Hours - This option redirects your messages to pre-selected Applets depending on the time of receiving (open applets and closed Applets selected by you)

πŸ“€Save and Reply - Stores SMS messages in your inbox and replies to the sender a customized message of your choice

πŸ“¨Sms Inbox - Stores SMS messages in your inbox

🧾Menu - Offers a keyboard-based matching response system

Please, be aware that if you do not have a flow set up for your phone number, incoming communications will not get to you.

Now, you can make your first call within smrtPhone! πŸ₯³


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