For information on STIR/SHAKEN, also known as "certified Caller ID" read this article >>

Please note that the legacy smrtPhone feature of Verified Caller ID will eventually be phased out as STIR/SHAKEN becomes the industry standard.

The best option when seeking to use an existing phone number with your smrtPhone system is to port the phone numbers into your smrtPhone system. Read more about porting >>

An alternative to porting numbers is adding a Verified Phone Number (Verified Caller ID)

Verified numbers are numbers that have not been ported to Twilio/smrtPhone but are accessible via smrtPhone for making outbound calls only.

  • Outbound calls will be tracked similarly to smrtPhone numbers

  • Inbound calls will not ring through smrtPhone

  • Text messaging is not available inbound or outbound via smrtPhone for Verified Caller ID.

How do you add a Verified Caller ID?

Adding a Verified Phone Number or Caller ID in smrtPhone means adding an existing non-Twilio phone number, like the number to a wireless phone or a landline in your home or office. smrtPhone allows verified phone numbers to be used as a caller ID on outbound calls (this feature is not available for outbound messaging. You can not send outbound texts.). The number must be validated in your smrtPhone platform before it can be used for outbound calls.

You will need to access the Verified Caller Ids section, and press on the "Add new Caller Id" in order for you to add the wanted phone number.

Once selected you will need to insert the personal phone number, and the system will call the phone number for a verification code.

Once the call will be answered, using the keypad from your personal device you will need to type the validation number code to complete the process.

Once the system confirms that the validation code was inserted correctly, the phone number can be found on your smrtPhone account and listed on your Caller ID's. You can now make calls using your personal phone number directly from smrtPhone.

Note: Verified phone numbers can only be used as a Caller ID for outbound calls. Incoming calls to the verified number will continue to route through the existing service provider (your wireless service, landline provider, etc.). Alternatively, we may be able to port your phone number in.

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