There is a new technology for phone number verification being implemented in Summer 2021. Called STIR/SHAKEN, this protocol will help legitimate businesses from having their phone numbers marked as potential spam.

There is a major problem with illegal robocalls in the United States. One of the biggest issues is "spoofed" Caller ID, where a scammer fakes the information - displaying someone else's phone number - to avoid repercussions and penalties. It's basically like identity theft of a phone number. The person who actually controls the number that is used on the Caller ID often gets unfairly marked as spam, or receives returned phone calls from angry individuals. STIR/SHAKEN combats the issue of spoofed phone numbers.

What does STIR/SHAKEN mean?

The term STIR/SHAKEN is actually an acronym that stands for “Secure Telephone Identity Revisited” and “Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs.”

What does STIR/SHAKEN do?

This security protocol verifies that the Caller ID displayed is, in fact, the number that is originating the phone call. When the Caller ID cannot be verified, the receiving carrier will either mark the call as "Scam Likely" or not complete the call at all.

How does STIR/SHAKEN work?

Every phone number will be given a certificate of authenticity. When a phone call is received by a carrier, it will instantly double check that the Caller ID information matches the information on the certificate.

How will STIR/SHAKEN help my business?

There are two main benefits of STIR/SHAKEN. The first is that it will be a lot harder for a scammer to use your phone numbers in Caller ID, so there will be fewer instances of phone number identity theft. The second will be a chain of escalation that will help legitimate businesses "white list" their phone numbers.

When will smrtPhone be implementing STIR/SHAKEN?

We are waiting for additional technological specs to be given to us to enable STIR/SHAKEN certification of phone numbers in our system. At this time, we anticipate this process to be finalized some time Summer 2021.

We are currently building out our Trust Center that will become a resource hub for you for compliance, phone number registration, and other phone number security measures (including A2P 10DLC). The Trust Center will be available in August 2021.

Until STIR/SHAKEN is finalized, what can I do to protect my phone numbers?

Our best advice at this time is to register your phone numbers with third party white-listing services, like Call Transparency. Carriers such as T-Mobile reference these databases to help sort who is legitimate.

We'll keep you posted as new information is available.

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