<< About the smrtPhone Trust Center

⚠️ Only Account Owners can register a business in the Trust Center ⚠️

Although your business profile is free, some verification products may incur additional charges. Only Account Owners have access to make account-level changes that may affect billing.

To register your business for STIR/SHAKEN (certified caller ID/verified voice) and A2P 10DLC* (verified sender of text messages) through smrtPhone, you must first create a business profile in the Trust Center.

The way these verified services work within smrtPhone, you will be registering as what is called a "Secondary Business Profile" underneath the smrtPhone umbrella. We are verified as an ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and approved as a portal through which you can register your business and brands.

What information do I need to create a business profile in the Trust Center?

There are three steps to creating a business profile:

  1. Enter your business details

  2. Identify at least one (ideally two) representatives

  3. Agree to the Terms & Conditions

smrtPhone collects your business profile information for verification purposes only. We do not collect, share, or use the data for any other reason other than what is required to access telecom verification products and services.

How to Create a Business Profile in the Trust Center

Log into the smrtPhone Trust Center and click the blue "Get Started" button at the bottom of the welcome screen.

1️⃣ The first step is to enter your business information.

The red asterisks marks required fields.

Business Information Needed:

  • Legal Business Name

  • U.S. Address*

  • Business Type (LLC/Corporation/Non-profit, etc.)

  • Business Registration ID Type (EIN or DUNS)*

  • Business Registration Number

  • Website

  • Social Media profile (optional)

Note: The EIN lookup service linked in the Trust Center is one recommended by our underlying carrier. If your company does not appear in the database, do not worry - you can still use your EIN. It will be manually reviewed. If your EIN does appear in the database, you must match that record's information and ensure there is no discrepancy.

Remember, this information is being collected to certify you are who you say you are, so it must be verifiable.

2️⃣ The second step is to enter the information of your main contact(s).

Contact Information for up to Two (2) Representatives

  • Name

  • Email

  • Title

  • Phone Number

  • Job Position Level (Director/VP/CEO, etc)

The contact(s) that you choose need to be reachable by the email and phone number you provide. Do not enter false contact information or it will cause a problem in the verification process.

You must enter at least one Representative.

*Note: The two verified texting plans under A2P 10DLC require different information

An EIN, business address, and more is required for an A2P 10DLC Standard Plan. The Starter Plan, geared toward sole proprietors and free agents, has fewer registration requirements but is limited in terms of functionality.

Read about the differences between A2P plans >>

There is no harm in completing the full business profile even if you opt for the Starter Plan, especially as this information will be required for STIR/SHAKEN.

3️⃣ The final step is to agree to the Terms of Service.

Once all required fields are complete, the Submit for Review button activates and you can click it to finalize your business profile application.

What happens after business profile submission?

Once your profile is submitted successfully, you should receive a confirmation email.

The status of your profile submission on the main Trust Center page will list your profile as "In Review." It may take up to 5 business days for your submission to be reviewed.

While your Business Profile submission is In Review, you will be able to see - but not edit - the information you submitted.

When your business profile is approved

If your profile is approved, you will receive an email letting you know. The status of your profile will show as Approved in the Trust Center.

At this point, you will be able to add your smrtPhone phone numbers to your account and sign up for any available verification products.

When your business profile is rejected

If your profile is rejected, you will receive a rejection email with the reason for rejection listed. The status of your profile will show as Rejected in the Trust Center.

Edit the information in your profile to solve the issues identified in the review process and resubmit. It may take up to five business days for the additional review.

If you have any problems with correcting a rejected profile or would like to appeal the rejection, please reach out to us via our live chat.

Next Steps after Approval

We anticipate Verified Voice (STIR/SHAKEN) to be the first product released, in the coming weeks. When it is ready, you will be able to add your phone numbers to your Trust Center business profile, and then select which of your numbers (or all of your numbers) for the verification services.

Read more information on STIR/SHAKEN >>

Read more information on A2P 10DLC >>

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