Limitations of the Trial:

  • Maximum call time of 3 minutes

  • Maximum number of calls a day is 100 (including any smrtDialer calls)

  • Maximum of one phone number

  • Maximum of 3 people per conference call

  • Call recording and media files by phone is disabled (this affects personalized voicemail greetings)

  • Limited to 1 line dialer if you try the smrtDialer trial

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How to remove the Trial limitations

If you’d like to remove these limitations, you can activate your subscription at any time. By clicking Activate within smrtPhone and confirming your action, it ends the trial and charges your credit card. You will be charged for the type of subscription that you signed up for (monthly/annual, Standard/PRO). After you confirm your activation, all of the features of your plan level will be unlocked.

Please note our refunds policy is clearly stated on our website.

If you realize you have selected the wrong plan, you can modify it by changing the plan up or down.

Don't forget that smrtPhone does not require locking in to a long-term contract. You can choose a month-to-month subscription if that best suits your needs or opt for an annual subscription at a reduced rate. Many of our clients start with a monthly subscription and flip to an annual once they realize the value and benefits of a deeply integrated phone system.

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