Welcome to smrtPhone! We're so happy you started your free trial with us.

We can talk all day about how great our products are, but sometimes you just have to experience them to understand. That's what this free trial is for: to give you a taste test and hopefully make you want more.

What the smrtPhone Trial is for:

  • Experiencing the deep integration between smrtPhone and your CRM

  • Having time to get your system and desired CRM automations set up

  • Getting a general sense of how smrtPhone works

What the Free Trial is not:

The free trial is not an unlimited, free subscription to smrtPhone. The trial is designed to give you a hands-on understanding of how the product works, and it is limited.

During the trial, you will not be charged the subscription fee for the first 30 days. We also put $7 into your account to buy your first phone number and have some extra credit left over to make some phone calls and texts (only in the US). Once that free credit is gone, you will need to pay for usage to continue, whether you activate your full subscription or not.

How to get the most out of your smrtPhone Trial:

  1. Connect smrtPhone to your CRM system

  2. Log in to smrtPhone - Go to your smrtPhone Web App. As an option, you can log in using CRM credentials.

    Note: for InvestorFuse Users only have smrtPhone Credentials at this moment as a possibility to log in.

  3. Secure a phone number. We give you a credit to make this happen for free.

  4. Make your first domestic call. See how it logs automatically into your lead or contact record.

  5. Send a domestic text message. See how it shows up on the contact record.

  6. Install the smrtPhone Chrome Extension and test out dialing or answering calls from any browser tab. Also enables click-to-call or text. (More info here)

  7. Create an inbound communication flow. Determine what happens when a call or text comes in on your new number.

  8. Play around and have fun! After you purchase a number, you will have 100 minutes of credit on your account, with $0.02/min after.

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