How to Verify Your Identity

Identity verification is an important part of smrtPhone compliance.

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Verifying your identity is an important step in smrtPhone compliance and security.

We are required to "know your customer" by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) - for all clients on our platform, whether you operate inside of the US or not. smrtPhone uses both identity verification (using a government-issued ID) and business verification to satisfy our obligations to the FCC. While both are necessary, we use ID verification first because it takes only minutes, whereas business verification can take seven or more days. We want to get you dialing and using the system as soon as possible!

This article walks you through how to verify your identity. If you want to learn more about WHY you have to verify, please read our identity verification FAQ

As of May 1, 2024, all smrtPhone Account Owners must verify their identity, or their account(s) will be paused, halting all inbound and outbound communication.

smrtPhone makes this process very easy for you with clear instructions that guide you step by step.

Limitations of Being Unverified

Until you verify your identity, your smrtPhone account will be restricted from outbound communication. You will not be able to place any calls or send SMS.

If you are in Trial, you will still be subject to trial limitations, even if you are verified.

Once you verify your identity and activate your subscription, you will get rid of those limitations and can fully enjoy smrtPhone's products and features.

Start Verification

The Verifying your identity notification is visible on your smrtPhone Dashboard.

Start identity verification - Dashboard

Start the verification process by clicking the upper green button, Start Verification. From here, you need to follow the simple instructions that are going to pop up on your screen. For an easier process, you can keep your phone nearby for the scanning step.

This verification process is also available in the Trust Center, with our other compliance tools.

1. Stripe

Once you click the start button, you will notice that this verification was made in collaboration with Stripe. We leverage Stripe's verification service to verify your identity through the information and any images that you provide.

smrtPhone can only access your information , and you can opt out at any moment. Should you choose to opt out, please contact our Support team to discuss possible verification options to still be able to maintain a smrtPhone account.

Press Agree and continue after you read the Privacy Policy and proceed with the verification.

If you don't want Stripe to use your biometric information for their training purposes, you will have an option to revoke consent AFTER you submit your pictures.

2. Scan the Code and Send Official Identification Documents

Once this step is done, you can scan the QR code with your phone. You also have the option to send the link by Email, SMS, or copy the link. If you choose to continue on the current device, be sure that you have a functional camera to scan your documents.

Scanning the QR code with your phone opens a new browser page on your phone, and you can easily scan your identification documents. Scan both the front and the back of your ID Card.

Do not forget that you must allow camera access for this step.

3. Selfie Time

After you scan both the front and back of your ID Card, it is selfie time. Take 3 photos of yourself with the device's camera.

After you take your selfies, you have the option to allow Stripe to use your biometric information to improve their processes, or you can decline.

4. Submit Verification

Once all the steps are complete, you have finished the verification. Submit the form and press the Done button, and all the documents will be sent for verification.

Verification incomplete

If your data was incomplete, you will see a notification with the message: Your identity verification hasn't been finalized due to the following reason: (reason). Press Retry and start over.

Verification failed

If you get the notification Verification Failed, please contact our Support Team for assistance, and they will guide you further.

5. Drink a Cup of Coffee and Go on with Your Day

That Done button was the last step you needed to take for your identity verification. Now, relax and wait for the confirmation of your verification. This usually takes under 10 minutes during regular business hours but can take up to 2 days.

You can also start the business verification. Access the Trust Center or click on the Get Verified button on your dashboard to start business verification.

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