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smrtPhone Trust Center Overview

The central hub to register and certify your business phone numbers

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The smrtPhone Trust Center is for all U.S.-based companies who communicate via voice and text to consumers and other businesses.

Registering your company with the smrtPhone Trust Center gives you access to two important communication features:

  • Unlock the ability to dial internationally and/or secure an international phone number.

  • Access verification products for both voice and text.

Clients will be able to manage all of their verification requirements through smrtPhone itself; we facilitate the registration with carriers.

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Only Account Owners and users with permissions can make changes in the Trust Center, as some verification products may impact billing. Creating a business profile is FREE.

Why is Verification Important?

Verified voice and text is the result of federal pressure on carriers to combat spam phone calls and spam texts to consumers. Also, in the United States, the texting/SMS infrastructure was not built in a way that can handle the volume of business texting that now occurs and a separate channel has been created to help improve deliverability.

The simple answer to why verification is important is that most US carriers will require business authentication for any company trying to communicate with consumers using cloud phone systems. Without it, your business calls and messages may not go through.

But it's not all stick, there is some carrot too!

The upside to becoming verified includes:

  • Improve brand perception

  • Enhance customer trust

  • Increase the likelihood of audience response due to verification

  • Improve deliverability of text messages

  • Lower the chances of being marked as spam

  • Weed out the bad players and scammers acting in bad faith

In addition to verification building consumer trust, there will be paths of recourse for consumers to complain about spammers and there will be pathways for companies to appeal any complaints they receive if they believe them to be unjust.

What types of Verification Products will be in the Trust Center?

In the Trust Center, after you register your business, you have access to sign up for specific services including:

  • International calling - Enable calling outside the U.S. and/or purchasing non-U.S. phone numbers. (Some restrictions may apply)

  • A2P 10DLC - Application to Person 10-Digit Long Code [Messaging] - For improved business texting.

  • STIR/SHAKEN - Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs. - aka: certified Caller ID.

  • CNAM - Caller ID Name. Include up to 15 characters of text to your Caller ID to identify your business to call recipients.

  • Branded Calls - Add brand elements (name and logo) to your Caller ID to create a visual brand experience.
    ​ Estimated Timeline: TBD late 2024

  • SAN logging- Subscription Account Number, used for DNC scrubbing. You will have to register first on the FTC website but can enter your SAN into the Trust Center to have all of your compliance information at your fingertips.
    ​ Estimated Timeline: Will be available in our smrtLeads product, soon in Beta.

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