As of mid-July 2021, smrtPhone is in the process of building the smrtPhone Trust Center.

This will be a resource to all of our clients to register their businesses and phone numbers to be verified. Clients will be able to manage all of their verification requirements through smrtPhone itself - we will facilitate the registration with carriers.

The benefits of verification are plenty. They include:

  • Improve brand perception

  • Enhance customer trust

  • Increase likelihood of audience response due to verification

  • Improve deliverability of text messages

  • Lower the chances of being marked as spam

  • Weed out the bad players and scammers acting in bad faith

What will be in the Trust Center?

Once the Trust Center is finalized, you will be able to register your business and then sign up for specific verification services including:

  • A2P 10DLC - Application to Person 10-Digit Long Code [Messaging] - For improved business texting.
    Estimated Timeline: Q3 2021

  • STIR/SHAKEN - Secure Telephone Identity Revisited/Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs. - aka: labeled as a verified caller.
    Estimated Timeline: Q3 2021.

  • CNAM - Caller ID Name. Include up to 15 characters of text to your Caller ID to identify your business to call recipients.
    Estimated Timeline: Q1 2022

  • Branded Calls - Add brand elements (name and logo) to your Caller ID to create visual brand experience.
    Estimated Timeline: TBD 2022

  • SAN logging- Subscription Account Number, used for DNC scrubbing. You will have to register first on the FTC website, but can enter your SAN to complete your business profile.
    Estimated Timeline: End of 2021

Trust Center Timeline

Our goal at smrtPhone is to have the Trust Center available by early August. At that time, clients will be able to register their business profile and register their numbers for STIR/SHAKEN.

Following shortly thereafter - by end of Q3 - will be A2P 10DLC registration.

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