There are currently various ranges of permissions among users within smrtPhone, set by the Account Owner. But, basically the structure is simple:

  • Account Owner

  • Users with different permissions

There can be multiple Users with customized permissions on a single account, and they have privileges to make global changes, depending on which the Account Owner had granted them. There can be only one Account Owner.

Changes Only Account Owners Can Make:

Only the current Account Owner can pass the title on to another User on the account. The person they choose as their successor must have customized granular permissions in their current CRM workspace.

How to change Account Ownership:

  • Go to the Account Settings section of the Admin panel.

  • Under the first tab "General Settings" it lists the current Account Owner

  • Press the blue "change owner" button

  • Select the new Account Owner from the drop-down.

  • Confirm the update by clicking the green Select as Account Owner button

Remember: There can only be one Account Owner per account. The only way to regain the role is to have the new Account Owner profile give it back.

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