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How to Cancel your smrtPhone Account

smrtPhone Account cancelation has a permanent nature.

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To cancel your smrtPhone account, you will need to head over to our Billing & Logs from the right top corner under your name.

Click on Products from the left menu and you will find a Cancel subscription button:

Pressing the button will open a survey in order to proceed with the cancelation. Depending on your responses, the outcoming can be:

  • Changing your mind and keeping the smrtPhone account

  • Book a meeting with the Customer Success Team in order to find better solutions than closing your account

  • Confirm cancelation by typing CONFIRM into the cancelation box. Any other form of the word will trigger an error, the letters must be all capitalized.

You can ask for a cancelation only if you are the Account Owner.

You will need to acknowledge some important information, including that you will lose any smrtPhone phone numbers that you have not ported out of the system.

After Cancellation

The following happens when you cancel your account:

  • All of your data from smrtPhone (agents, call flows, billing history, call recordings) will be permanently deleted.

  • You can no longer use any remaining credit from a deleted account. There is no refund on the remaining credit balances.

  • All phone numbers remaining on your account will be removed and cannot be recovered.

Will I lose my CRM Contacts or Call/Text Logs from my CRM?

No, smrtPhone will not delete or modify anything from your CRM workspace, nothing will be touched.

How can I keep my smrtPhone numbers if I cancel?

No worries, you can save your phone numbers before your account is canceled by porting them out of the system. All number transfers must be fully complete before you cancel. You read more about it here.

Can I reactivate a canceled account?

smrtPhone does not support account reactivation. Once it is canceled, your account can not be reactivated. This is why is it very important to make sure that this is the right decision for your company.

Note: If you change your mind about smrtPhone and you would like to come back, you are always welcome. You will be able to use the same CRM account(email) that you used in the past, but you will start from scratch and reconfigure your smrtPhone settings.

If there is any possibility that you would stay, we hope you will give us the chance to change your mind. We welcome an honest conversation!

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