What is the difference between an administrator and a user?

Plainly said: Administrators can make global changes to your smrtPhone system. Users cannot.

Two types of Permissions/Roles exist within smrtPhone

While we plan to add more granular permissions sets in the coming months, as of January 2021, there are generally two types of roles allowed in smrtPhone:

  1. Administrators

  2. Users

This is a binary choice: you are either an administrator or not.

What can administrators do?

If someone is a smrtPhone Administrator, they have full access to see everything in the smrtPhone account. This includes the logs, billing information, recording storage, and account setup.

Not only can they see these sections, but they can make changes as well. Administrators can set Call Flows. They control the Media Manager. They can assign users to smrtDialer seats. They can control users and groups. They can add users, delete users, buy numbers, delete numbers, delete recordings, and so on.

Account Owners have special permissions

Currently, there are few restrictions to smrtPhone Administrators. In general, they have access to make global changes across the account. However, there are a few scenarios where only the singular Account Owner can make changes. One example is activating a smrtDialer subscription.

It is incredibly important that anyone to whom you assign an Administrator role is someone you trust.

What can Users do?

Users, on the other hand, have access to use your smrtPhone system but cannot see sensitive information or make global changes. They can make calls, send texts, update their own voicemail, receive calls and texts. Users can also access any calls or texts sent to any Group they have been assigned to.

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