This article, along with the video associated, will show you a core overview of the Administrator Menu - Admin Dashboard.

In the left navigation of the smrtPhone web application, you'll find the Admin section (≡).

A quick overview of each section of the Admin Panel:

  • Users - Where you control who has access to your smrtPhone system. Add/Delete users and create groups (e.g. Sales Team or Customer Support) for easier inbound Call Flow setup.
    Learn more about Users & Group Management >>

  • Numbers - Manage all phone numbers in your account. In this section, you can buy new numbers and delete ones you no longer want. You can also control to which inbound Call Flow each number will ring. (A single number can only ring to one call flow. One Call Flow can be used for many numbers.)
    Learn more about managing Phone Numbers >>

  • Call Flows - Where you set up what happens to inbound calls and inbound Text/MMS to each of your numbers. There are lots of options including IVR, actions for outside business hours, dialing individuals or groups. Even if it is the most simple flow, it is an essential part of smrtPhone. Without Call Flows set for each number, smrtPhone will not know what to do with inbound communication. You don't want to miss a call or text, so make sure these are set up.
    You can have as many flows as you want and as many numbers using a single flow as you want.
    Learn more about setting up Inbound Communication Flows >>

  • Account Settings - Where you control your core, global settings that impact your business. It's in this section that you control the time zone, which will impact business hours of your call flows.
    Learn more about Account Settings >>

  • CRM Setup - This is where your CRM-smrtPhone configuration is stored. The Account Owner (and only them) can set this up when first signed up for smrtPhone. You may want to revisit it if you'd like to change or customize your CRM settings.

    Podio Users: Note: If you change the communications app location, it simply creates a new app - it does not copy over all of the information from the former spot and you will have to manually transfer it.

  • Caller IDs - Where you can add non-smrtPhone numbers for outbound calling only. Learn more about Verified Caller IDs >>

  • Addresses - Some countries and regions require verified addresses to purchase a number. This is where you manage all of your addresses. Learn more about Addresses>>

  • Spam Numbers - For any number you would like to block from calling you, enter them here. Learn about blocking numbers >>

  • Marketplace (formerly Plugins) - This is a listing of other applications with which smrtPhone integrates.

  • Beta Program - We are continually testing out new features and you can have early access to these features to test in exchange for providing feedback to make them better. How to enroll in the Beta Program >>

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